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Flat pocket is not so used!

Issuing time:2018-11-07 00:00

With the continuous development of society, flat pockets can be seen everywhere in life, but there are many friends who don't know enough about flat pockets; because they are convenient, they use traditional flat pockets to hold anything. We must remember that colored flat pockets cannot be used indiscriminately!

Colored flat pockets may be recycled flat pockets that are processed for compensation. Although these flat pockets are washed, crushed, and other processes before processing, it is not known what they have packed before being recycled. It is also possible that they were formerly loaded with harmful substances such as fertilizers and pesticides, and it is impossible to remove their harmful substances simply by washing.

In daily life, many people use colorful flat pockets to bring back green vegetables, fruits, or chicken wings, oil cakes, etc., which are brought to the breakfast or barbecue with colored flat pockets. They are analyzed by experts and cautioned. Citizens, it is best not to use colored flat pockets to hold food, long-term use will have a great deal of harm to the human body.

Shimizu Chemical Industry Co. recommends that if you go to the grocery market to buy food, promote the use of basket or carry their own safe food pocket, or try to require businesses to provide white or colorless transparent pocket. Www.shimizu-sk.comi

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