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What are the hard costs of analyzing the plain bag in the Southeast package of Qingshui?

Issuing time:2018-11-07 00:00

Changshu Qingshui Southeast Packaging Products Co., Ltd.'s flat pockets can be said to be closely related to life. We all use flat pockets for regular shopping. Therefore, the demand for flat pockets is very large. For manufacturers, flat products are flat. How is the price of the pocket defined? Clear water packaging mainly needs to consider the following aspects:

First, the cost of materials

The material cost mentioned here refers to the cost of the non-woven fabric required for this non-woven fabric bag. Including fabrics, hand-helds, and edging materials, if the bag has other content (such as a pocket) it only needs to be added.

Second, cutting and short-distance transport

The width of the nonwoven fabric is generally 160 cm and 170 cm, so it is necessary to cut into various sizes of materials required for the bag. According to the size of the bag material, the cutting cost is about 1-2 points. Because the density of the non-woven fabric is relatively small and belongs to the bubble product, the freight can not be ignored. After the material is cut, the short-haul transportation cost to the production workshop is about 1 point. If the quantity is too small, the cost will be higher.

Third, edition fees and printing

Non-woven printing is generally divided into: ink screen printing, ink machine printing, thermal transfer and film four kinds of printing. The printing color is single and the printing area is small. Generally, ink screen printing is used, the printing fee is low, the printing price is relatively low, the cost for one side is 5-6 points, and the most environmental protection; the printing color is medium and the printing area is large, and the environmental protection requirements are required. Low and bright fabrics generally use ink machine printing, medium edition fee, printing price is low, the cost of one side of the same color is 2-3 points, the disadvantage is not environmental protection; the printing color is rich and the printing area is small, the heat transfer can be adopted. Printing, medium fee, printing price is relatively high, about 12 yuan / square meter; for printing color requirements are very realistic, and full-version printing is basically using laminated film printing (that is, after printing a good pattern on the OPP film and non-woven The fabrics are compounded together. The advantages are environmental protection and beautiful images. The disadvantages are high edition fee, high printing and lamination costs, the unit price of the edition fee is 0.12 yuan/cm2, and the price for printing and lamination is generally 0.76-0.80. Yuan/square meter, if the number is too small, there will be additional machine charges.

Fourth, work

Workmanship includes sewing, buttoning, and forklifting. For example, the sewing price of ordinary three-dimensional bags is generally 0.32 yuan / piece, the price of the buckle is 4 points (including the buckle), the price of the fork is 8 points. If there is a special requirement, it needs to be counted separately.


Fifth, packaging

Packages are usually packed in cartons or waterproof bags. The cost of carton packaging varies from 3 points to 1 cent in each bag according to the size of the non-woven bag. The cost of waterproof bag packaging is low, and the average cost for each bag is 1-2 points.


Sixth, loss

Every process from cutting to finished product has more or less some loss, especially the loss of peritoneal bags is especially large, the loss is 1%-5%

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