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Teach you how to customize to environmentally durable non-woven bags?

Issuing time:2018-11-07 00:00

Shimizu Chemical Industry Co. learned that many customers in the market want to save money when custom-made non-woven bags, first choose the kind of small, thin, or even toxic non-woven fabrics, such non-woven bags are not environmentally friendly , Gravity is also small. How to choose environmentally friendly and durable non-woven bags?

Shimizu Chemical Industry Co. Factory summarized the following guidelines for customizing non-woven bags:

1, choose the size of the non-woven bag

Since the non-woven bag is a customized product, when the non-woven bag is customized, according to the number of things to be installed, the size of the non-woven bag is selected, which can be used as best as possible to prevent waste.

2, choose a non-woven bag that is suitable for practical use

Due to the wide range of uses of non-woven handbags, we must know what the non-woven bags are used for when we customize the non-woven bags, such as advertising bags, supermarket shopping bags, etc., which is load-bearing. There is a great demand on it. Therefore, according to its own use, it is necessary to choose more suitable non-woven bags.

3, customized environmental protection slurry printing non-woven bag

In order to reduce costs, many companies print toxic inks on the bags, and the use of them for a long time has great harm to the human body. The printing materials used by the ring-a-packaging non-woven bag manufacturers are all environmentally-friendly printing pastes that are independently modulated by the factory. They are beautifully printed, environmentally friendly and durable.

4, choose a strong and durable non-woven bag

Shimizu Chemical Industry Co. is a well-known non-woven bag manufacturer in China. The non-woven bags are sold at home and abroad. Our factory produces strictly in accordance with customer needs, multiple audits, strict control, with 9 years of non-woven Eco bag production experience, trustworthy. For details, please visit the official website:   

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