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Measures to protect the global environment

Measures to protect the global environment

~Lower VOC emissions~

1. Conversion of water-based ink with low VOC emissions

The packaging bags sold by the company generally use oil-based inks, but volatile organic solvents (VOC) are also considered to be one of the substances that cause air pollution.

Thus, from the standpoint of environmental protection, an aqueous ink containing almost no volatile organic compound (VOC) was tried.

Previous water-based inks were easily used for printing on paper. Because of the adhesion and long drying time, they were not considered to be suitable for POLY film. After ink companies and plate-making companies jointly developed, leading the industry, the commercialization of water-based ink printing was successful.

Clear water packaging virtually eliminates volatile organic compounds (VOCs), reduces the load on the global environment and the load on the work environment, enabling high-quality aqueous ink printing.


2. VOC suppression discharge processing device introduction

VOC processing equipment (combustion + discharge plasma method) is introduced. Technology Introduction - Low Temperature Plasma

Degradation of pollutants by low-temperature plasma is the use of these high-energy electrons, ions, atoms, free radicals, and other active particles and pollutants in the exhaust gas, so that pollutant molecules decompose in an extremely short time, and subsequent reactions take place. To achieve the purpose of decomposition of pollutants.

Low-temperature plasma exhaust treatment equipment and technology as a new type of gaseous pollutants treatment technology is a cross-integrated electronic chemistry technology integrating physics, chemistry, biology and environmental science, as it can easily make pollutants The efficient decomposition of molecules and low energy consumption in processing are currently one of the promising and effective methods for the treatment of atmospheric pollution at home and abroad. All the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that occur in the factory are collected and processed by the processing device, and the air within the standard value is released to the atmosphere.


"Air Pollution Prevention Standards"

・Jiangsu Provincial Standard: DB32/3151-2016 Jiangsu Province Chemical Industry Volatile Organic Compound Emissions・・・・

・Shanghai Standard: Shanghai Municipal Printing Industry's Air Pollutant Emission Standard (DB31/872-2015)・・・