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Our advantage

Our advantage

About us


Rich Experiences

We are competitive&high quality plastic bag manufacturer in Japan.We are very familier with Jpanese wholesale store,brand shops,department store for last 60years.


Advanced Technology

100% of wholly-owned overseas

subsidiaries of SHIMIZU CHEMICAL CORPORATION held the

effective technology to produce polyethylene bags, fashion bags, vest bags, garbage bags, film bags in special shape made by polyethylene, the diaphragm (chip)

production and sales of other

products with low cost and high quality


Excellent Team

Vigorous vitality, excellent management team, professional and technical personnel,

experienced production staff, stable raw

material suppliers and full quality source of

goods are our capital, which provide sufficient guarantee for strong production capacity

and stable quality.

Water-based inks Our company's general products are printed using oil-based inks. But water-based
ink printing is more visionary
both for the global environment and for people. So we propose printing with water-based inks.


Green and Environmental

Our products are full of specifications, excellent in quality and cheap, fixed , green and environmental.

With higher and more detailed requirements, the theme of "green environmental protection" is popularized in the

packaging industry.




About us

About us

Shimizu Chemical Industry Co.


We are competitive&high quality plastic bag manufacturer in Japan.We are very familier with Japanese wholesale store,brand shops,department store for last 60years.We can supply plastic bags,printed as your artwork,cliants bespoke design,and we are conversant with customer quality and packaging expectations.

Our chinese factory located in Cangshu city in Jiangsu province of China.      

Our annual production capacity is more than 300metric tons per month.

Packaging-Trade, sincerely promise our clients:

-Strict selection in suppliers with first-class quality, We have a global data system that meets all kinds of requests;

-Professional and considerate service, We offer sincere, effective and reasonable quotes within 24 hours during working day;

-Customized service based on personal queries, We supply various transportation by courrier, air or sea;

-Whole track in every production procedure, We guarantee a delivery of high quality within requested date;

-Dynamic customer service, We solve any of your concern or trouble;

Chase for good quality, chase for the best price, chase for your trust in cooperation.

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Shimizu Chemical Industry Co.




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